Remember The Spark?

Ah, the wild west days of the Internet. How I miss thee…

Most old websites are lost to the wind, but you can still view some Web 1.0 pages thanks to The Wayback Machine.

The Spark

The Spark was like, a pop culture website with a heavy dose of satire.

It was kinda like the Onion. It also had a bunch of stupid online quizzes, back when that was a cool thing.

They also wrote little mini-series—this is where they really hooked me.

The Stinkymeat Project

How about the Stinkymeat Project, where the guy gets some meat, and leaves it to rot in his neighbor’s yard for a month. Kinda like… pop culture science.

Read about the Stinkymeat Project and other Spark Science reports (like The StinkyFeet Diaries and the FAT Project).

Oh, and while we’re talking about the wild west days of the Internet, here is a bonus Web 1.0 site — the Space Jam website from 1996.

Fake evil corporations

A great trope of sketch comedy shows — the massive corporation that owns everything.

Mr. Show – Globochem – “We own everything, so you don’t have to.”


Bob and David’s “Mr. Show” had Globochem. They even pitch commercials and a mascot to Globochem.

Tim and Eric’s Cinco and Comedy Bang Bang’s Sullivan’s

Sketch shows birthed from Mr. Show’s style also adopt this trope.

The Mega Corp. Trope

Then I get way too into reading up on this trope, as it applies to so much of television and film beyond comedy (especially sci-fi).

Let’s just say there are a lot of evil corporations out there, real and imagined.

Remember the slogan of Robocop’s mega corp, Omni Consumer Products: “The future of yesterday, today.”